Socialist Meetings December 2, 1910


Washington Standard December 2, 1910

The Socialists of Olympia have for the present concluded to hold Friday evening weekly meetings at Rabeck’s hall, beginning at 7:30 p.m. The meeting last Friday evening was for the most part a business session, though there were some pretty lively discussions prompted by the secretary. The tramp question brought cut divers views. It was claimed the tramp is a product of economic and industrial  conditions induced principally by the means of production and distribution being in private hands, which periodically throw men out of employment and place them in the ranks of the unemployed, many of whom become so discouraged and demoralized that they will not work.

A programme committee was appointed consisting of Miss Hernice Sapp, and Miss Frances Sylvester [taught in area], and it was agreed the other questions, such as the white slave traffic and the frail creatures below the dead line, will be considered at tonight’s meeting, which promises to be interesting. A motion was made and carried that all meetings open promptly at 7:30 and close at nine o’clock, as many persons who usually attend these meetings live at a distance and desire to depart early, while others who are too timid to speak in open session might desire to remain and converse about the propaganda near and dear to their hearts.

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