“Selling Newspapers by Machine” October 14, 1910


Washington Standard October 14, 1910

St. Louis and Louisville Cars Install Automatic Venders.

Street cars in St. Louis and Louisville, Ky., are being equipped with automatic newspaper vending machines for the convenience of passengers on “pay as you enter” cars.

The machine, which is the work of fourteen years’ experiment, is declared to be the only automatic device that will make change.

It can’t be beat, but neither can it best a customer. When the papers are all sold a sign drops down to so inform the customer. When the change in the box gives out  a spur is automatically released which shoots into the slot so as to prevent the insertion of a nickel.

Enough space is left to allow pennies to be inserted, and the machine goes on distributing newspapers.

One machine for each of four newspapers in St. Louis will be placed in each car.

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