[Untitled] October 3, 1890

Washington Standard October 3, 1890

The Democrats of Thurston County met in Columbia Hall, Saturday, and made the following nominations: Legislature, A.H. Chambers, Olympia; B.F. Ruth, Yelm; Attorney J.R. Mitchell, Olympia; Sheriff, G.S. Prince, Bucoda; Treasurer, O.R. Simenson, Olympia; Auditor, Walter Crosby, Olympia; Surveyor, Theodore Young, Olympia; Assessor, J.C. Conine, Yelm; Commissioners, T.C. Van Epps, Olympia; B.B. Smith, Bucoda; J.K. Littlejohn, Black River; School Superintendent, L.R. Byrne, Bucoda; Coroner, Peter Cook, Olympia; Wreekmaster, Henry Hadlan, Olympia.

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