Yelm’s Agriculture September 16, 1854

Yelm’s Agriculture

Pioneer and Democrat September 16, 1854

John Edgar and James Hughes of the gallant, democratic little Yelm prairie, afforded us a rare treat in the shape of green corn, colliflowers, beets, onions, carrots, &c, of mammoth growth and epicurean flavor.  The Yelm prairie is a trump every time, and in connection with its vegetable reputation, it might be proper to observe that with the handsome present of the aforesaid luxuries, was accompanied a stalk of wheat, perfectly matured and well-headed measuring over eight feet in length!  Mr. Pullum, of the gravelly prairie, has also left at our office specimens of wheat heads that we might challenge the world to surpass in the length, and in the development of the kernel, and in the number of grains per head.  The harvest this year, would be ample to bread the whole territory, and for the credit of our population we hope that the sour flower of San Fran mat be speedily excluded from our market.  Milled at the newly erected mill of Ward and Hays at Tumwater.