Education Around Thurston County: 1890

Education Around the County:  1890

Introduction:  The following are a series of articles related to education which appeared in the Washington Standard, published in Olympia.

The County Superintendent reports that there is a general complaint throughout country districts of tramps sleeping in school houses. As many as five tramps have been known to take up their quarters in a school house the same night. One thing can be said in their favor, however, that they never destroy or injure property. They build a fire in the stove, cook their evening meal and then spread their blankets on the floor and snore away the night.

Washington Standard February 7, 1890

Mr. L.R. Byrne is a young man, 23 years of age, and being unknown to many of our people, requires a few words of introduction. He was born in Jackson County, Tennessee, and came to Washington three years ago, in obedience to the Whitecoated Philosopher’s injunction to “Go West.” He is a gentleman of modest appearance and fine address. He is a graduate of the Olympia Collegiate Institute of this city and possesses a first-grade certificate as teacher, under State law. He has had five years’ experience as educator. His opponent is a chronic office-seeker, who now holds the position of City Superintendent at a salary of $1,300 per annum.

Washington Standard October 3, 1890

The County Superintendent reports that a school in the country has been discontinued, short of a term, on account of the marrying of the young lady teacher. He recommends that the school directors sue the new made husband for damages and in default of prompt payment, to seize the young wife as collateral security. Perhaps Mr. Venen thinks he will be appointed receiver.

Washington Standard November 28, 1890

Prof. C.A. Bauer, the well-known teacher of penmanship and crayon drawing has just finished his school at Bucoda.

Washington Standard November 25, 1890

The State Board of Education of Washington will hold three meetings in 1891, at which State Certificates and Life Diplomas will be granted to such applicants as shall be found qualified to receive them, according to the requirements of the laws of this State.

Applicants for State Certificates must file with the Board satisfactory written evidence of having taught successfully at least twenty-seven months, at least nine months of which time must have been in this State.

Applicants for Life Diplomas must file with the Board satisfactory written evidence of having taught successfully at least ten years, at least one year which must have been in this State.

All applicants must pass an examination in the following branches, viz: Orthography, Reading, Penmanship, Written Arithmetic, Mental Arithmetic, English Grammar, Geography, United States History, School Law of Washington, Physiology, United States Constitution, Theory and Practice of Teaching, Algebra, State Constitution, Natural Philosophy, English Literature, Pedagogy, Plane Geometry, Geology, Natural History, Civil Government, Psychology, Book-keeping, Composition and General History; or in lieu of passing the examination in the branches above enumerated, the applicant may file with the Board a certified copy of Diploma from a State Normal School, or a certified copy of a State of Territorial Certificate of Diploma, the requirements to obtain a State Certificate of Life Diploma in this State.

State certificates are valid for five years unless revoked for causes deemed sufficient by the State Board of Education, and Life Diplomas are valid during the life of the holder, unless revoked for cause.

The fee for a State Certificate is a $3, and the fee for a Life Diploma, $5. All fees must accompany the application, and they cannot be refunded unless the application is withdrawn before being considered.

The regular meeting of the State Board will be held at the City of Olympia, commencing on the second day of June, 1891, but owing to the fact that most teachers are still engaged in teaching at that time of year, no examination of teachers will be held at that meeting. But all persons desiring to secure Certificates or Diplomas upon certified copies of State Normal School Diplomas, or upon certified copies of State of Territorial Certificates from other States, or Territories, should file such papers with the Board prior to the regular meeting in June, as all such applications will be acted upon at that time.

For the purpose of examining applicants for Certificates and Diplomas two special meetings of the Board will be held in August- one east of the Cascades and one west, the exact times.

Washington Standard October 15, 1890

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