Education Around Thurston County: 1905

Education Around the County:  1905

Introduction:  The following are a series of articles related to education which appeared in the Washington Standard, published in Olympia.

The Eighth grade pupils of Lincoln school are planning an entertainment and debate on the last day of school- next Friday- to which parents and friends are invited. The question to be discussed is, “Resolved, that the General Government is More Important than Local Government.” Those to take part in the debate are Lee Kegley, Jay Tew, Ruth Mills, Anna Schively and Della Lincoln, for the negative, and May Mead, Fanny Harris, Alta White, Lynne Fullerton and Nellie Wilson for the affirmative. The judges are to be selected from the High school.

Washington Standard May 19, 1905

Only fifteen of the thirty-two applicants for teachers’ certificates were successful at the late examination, owing principally, it is said to the fact that many of them were quite young and found the questions beyond their range of advancement. Those who passed the ordeal were: Faith Chambers, Bessie Comstock, Nellie Gwin, Lena Abernethy, Mrs. W.V. Baker, Evelyn George, Leona Leonard, Guy Overhulse, P.C. Moe, W.G. Parker, Nell Shahan, Katherine King, T.D. Young, Esther Packwood, Ralph M. Whitcomb and Oren R. Richards.

Washington Standard May 19, 1905


Forty-six Passed, and 132 Will Have to Wait Another Examination.

There are in all 178 Thurston county pupils who have taken the eighth grade examination during the school year, beginning July 1, 1904, and ending June 30, 1904. There were three examinations held, as follows: September 1 and 2, 1904; January 19 and 20, 1905, and May 18 and 19, 1995. These examinations were held at various places in the county.

Of the 178 pupils taking the examination, 46 have passed and will be granted eighth grade certificates, which will entitle them to entrance without further examination to any high school in the State.

Following are the names of those who passed:

James Barton, May Burr, Ethel Carroll, Sylvester Chase, Gladys Clark, Ethel Coulter, Estella Cramp, James Davis, Sadie Doherty, Lyne Fullerton, Miles Gray, Mary M. Hall, Dora Hardt, Herbert Hoke, Anna Jacobson, Alice Malpass, Wallace Mount, Annie Schively, Henry Schultz, George E. Scott, Louis Utterbach, Lovina Wilson, Nellie Wilson, Alta White, Eva White and Edith Young from the Lincoln building, School district No. 1, Olympia; Charles H. Briffett and Martha N. Groat, teachers.

Hope Chambers, Providence Academy, Olympia.

Lester Brown, Sarah Croston, Grace Gibson, Darth Ludwick, Gertie McKray, Emma Packwood and Lester Skofield, of Bucoda, School district No. 31, C.H. Clements, teacher.

Tillie Carpenter, School district No. 39, Helen Simons, teacher.

Inez Clauson, School district No. 56, Guy Overhulse, teacher.

Irene Cole, School district No. 6, T.D. Young, teacher.

Dora Hardt, School district No. 17, Edith McIntire, teacher.

David Hartsuck, School district No. 16, Leno Watrous, teacher.

Zella Medge, School district No. 9, J. Emmett Brown, teacher.

Jennie Neeley, Ruth Van Eton, School district No. 21, W.A. Bowers, teacher.

Chas Wellman, School district No. 65, J.H. Butler, teacher.

A.G. West, School district No. 63, Edna Patnude, teacher.

Nancy Hutson, school district No. 3, Mrs. E.B. Stephens, teacher.

Thirty-three of the pupils have signified their intention of entering the Olympia High school, the coming school year, and all but two or three intend going to school next year.

Washington Standard June 2, 1905

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