Education Around Thurston County: 1902

Education Around the County:  1902

Introduction:  The following are a series of articles related to education which appeared in the Washington Standard, published in Olympia.

The Teachers’ Association Meeting

Following is the programme of the Olympia section of the County Teachers’ Association, to be held at the County Superintendent’s office, Saturday, February 1, at 1:30 p.m.:

“Round Table Talk” – Deputy State Sup’t. F.M. McCully.

Paper, “School Room Decoration” – Miss Rachel Shields.

A talk of “Sanitation of School Buildings and Premises”- County Sup’t. T.N. Henry.

Paper, “The School Room Reading Table” – Mrs. E.B. Stevens.

Paper, “A Problem: One Teacher With Eight Grades” – F.J. Brown.

All subjects will be open to general discussion by teachers and others present. A cordial invitation is extended to school officers and others interested to be present.

Washington Standard January 24, 1902

State School Appointment

The exact figures of the Olympia districts apportionment of the State and county school fund for May are $6,306.69. The other districts will receive the following amounts:

District No. 2                   $186.03

District No. 3                   114.12

District No. 4                   201.10

District No. 5                   435.38

District No. 8                   117.78

District No. 9                   262.40

District No. 10                 285.82

District No. 12                 121.59

District No. 13                 224.43

District No. 14                 162.43

District No. 16                113.66

District No. 18                103.83

District No. 19               316.01

District No. 21               236.13

District No. 22              156.71

District No. 26              182.81

District No. 31             689.49

District No. 33            186.63

District No. 36            136.82

District No. 41            390.02

District No. 46            109.54

District No. 55            130.92

District No. 60           162.07

District No. 63           153.43

Districts No. 5,7,11,15,17,20,23,24,25,27,29,30,32,34,35,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,45,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,56,57,58,59,61,62,64,65,and Union District No.1 (Woodland High school), all being below the minimum in point of attendance, were allowed 2,000 days attendance, amounting to $103.

No apportionment was made to the Union High school at Little Rock, as it was not organized until after the County Superintendent made his report. The same is true of the new District No. 66.

Washington Standard May 16, 1902

The following teachers in this county received certificates at the late examination: Katherine Langridge, A. Birdie Cooper, Bertha White, Cordelia Kinney, Queen I. Larson, Margaret Scully, Rachel Shields, Emma P. Wright, Olive Overhulse, Martha L. Byers, Frank D. Cook, of Olympia; Daisy E. Parker, Kamilchie; Faith V. Burch, Oakville; Annie Shields, Tacoma; Mary B. McGriff, Rochester; C. V. Leach, Olympia, Ida M. Reese and M. Stella Tyler, of Seattle, the last three being renewals of first grade certificates. Of those receiving certificates the oldest was 53 years of age, the youngest 17 and the average age of all the applicants was 24 years. Six had never taught. One teacher had taught 200 months while several had taught 50 or more.

Washington Standard August 22, 1902

The teachers who will have charge of the Woodland school the coming term will be Miss Edith McKenzie and Miss Elizabeth Larimer.

Washington Standard August 8, 1902

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