Education Around Thurston County: 1898

Education Around the County:  1898

Introduction:  The following are a series of articles related to education which appeared in the Washington Standard, published in Olympia.

Twelfth Session of the State Teachers’ Association.

The Attendance is Large and the Ardor Displayed Promising of Excellent Results- An Enjoyable Reception- Sessions Marked by Harmony and Unity of Purpose.

Nearly 300 teachers responded to the call for the Twelfth session of the State Teachers’ Association, and that they were an exceedingly bright and intelligent class of people, is acknowledged by all. They were net with the cordial hospitality for which our people are so justly famous, and it is safe to say that the sessions were productive of great enjoyment as well as much advancement in those essentials for educational work promoted by interchange of opinions and comparisons of individual experience.

The first assemblage was held in the hotel parlors Tuesday afternoon, called the “Council Meeting,” at which the following subjects were considered:

1. Subjects Best Adapted to Elementary Science in Washington, C.V. Piper, Pullman. Discussion opened by J.B. Flett, Tacoma.

2. Best method of Teaching this Subject, W.E. Wilson, Ellensburg.

3. How Much Shall Be Attempted? How Much Time Shall Be Given to this Subject? O.S. Jones, Seattle. Discussion opened by Miss Mary A. Monroe, Spokane.

Second. Child Study. What a Mother May Do to Form a Taste for Good Literature in Children Before School Age, Mrs. H. Kincaid, Latona.

In the evening the Olympia was crowded by out townspeople, who assembled to extend a welcome to their visitors. Parlors A and B were densely packed by a surging mass of lighthearted men and women and the hum of animated conversation continued till long after the time fixed for the formal part of the demonstration. It wasnine o’clock before Prof. Hawes, as master of ceremonies, called the hosts and guests down from their flight amid the clouds to the more formal proprieties of the hour.

The Euterpe Musical Club rendered a beautiful chorus entitled “Sweet,” which expressed its charming melody so well that the large assemblage were wild for a repetition but the ladies gracefully declined.

Washington Standard December 30, 1898

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