Education Around Thurston County: 1903

Education Around the County:  1903

Introduction:  The following are a series of articles related to education which appeared in the Washington Standard, published in Olympia.

Our Public Schools

Report of Superintendent Henry Shows a Very Satisfactory Condition.

The annual report of Supt. Henry shows that there has been a gratifying increase of pupils and attendance the past year. There are 3,650 school children, an increase of 157. The number who attended school as required by law footed up 2,876, which is forty more than last year. The average daily attendance was 1,882.29, and total actual days attendance 292,265. The number of teachers employed aggregate 110, of which 26 were men and 84 women; the average salary to the former being $55.67 and the latter houses and grounds is placed at $177,885; furniture, $12,304; apparatus, $4,026, and libraries, $1,960. There 68 districts, two of which were organized the past year.

But eight districts are under a bonded indebtedness, while in 1902 there were twelve.

Washington Standard August 2, 1903

County Superintendent Brown Monday received from the State Superintendent’s office the list of successful applicants for teachers’ certificates at the late examination. The successful applicants from Thurston County were: Martha Grout, Rose Woods, Maude Howland, of Olympia; Gertrude Howland, B.M. Davenport, Little Rock; Mary F. Conway, Meadow; Allie Norman, Pleasant Glade; Herbert Raymond, Collinsdale; Emma Whittier, Chambers Prairie; Agatha Shirley, Rochester, Edna E. Wiseman, Gull Harbor; Bertha Radike, Lacey; A. Birdie Cooper, Yelm, and E.N. Steele, Tenino. First grade certificates- Gracie Greenback, Olympia; Lillian Abernethy, S.I. Stone, Yelm, and Geo. W. Sickles, Tumwater.

Washington Standard November 27, 1903

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