Education Around Thurston County: 1909

Education Around Thurston County:  1909

Introduction:  The following are a series of articles related to education which appeared in the Washington Standard, published in Olympia.

Some of our local school teachers think that the staggering appropriators of our last Legislature spell future retrenchment that the commencement will be made at the point of reducing teachers’ salaries, because a large percentage being women have no voice in politics. In Chicago the teachers formed a federation, headed by a woman, for the purpose of preventing such injustice.

Washington Standard March 26, 1909

It may be bad news for the noisy boys but good news for the comfort-loving citizen, that the curfew ordinance is hereafter to be rigidly enforced.

Washington Standard May 28, 1909

To-day the public schools open the doors for impatient pupils to enjoy the pure air of heaven for the Summer vacation, which lasts till September.

Washington Standard May 28, 1909

Six girls graduated at the Rainier public school, last Friday. The honors wore borne off by Misses Effle Morris, Charlotte and Susie Classen, Marie Gehrke, Essie Armstrong and Ocie Van Tine.

Washington Standard June 4, 1909

The pupils in the public schools must hereafter undergo physical examination to be eligible for admission.

Washington Standard October 22, 1909

Miss Frances Sylvester and Miss Lena Meyer attended the Woman’s Day ceremonies at the Puyallup fair yesterday.

Washington Standard October 22, 1909

At a fire drill in the high school building, Tuesday, it was entirely cleared of 250 pupils and teachers within a half-minute’s time.

Washington Standard October 22, 1909

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