Class of 1943 – 50 Years Later

Class of 1943 – 50 Years Later

Forty-four first graders entered the Yelm Grade School in 1931, and at least ten of those original 44 pioneers persevered through all of the 12 grades in Yelm. The persistant ones were Arvilla Brown, Lois Brown, Louis Brunetti, Marian Echtle, Dick Kittleman, Charlotte McMonigle, Dean Sias, Lillian Solomon, Ruth Stanton, and Joe Wilkinson. Others came and went until, in the end, there were 33 students remaining in the Yelm High School class of 1943.

The class of ’43 enjoyed the distinction of being the first to graduate from the “new” high school building. The school we entered as freshmen in 1939 had burned down in 1941. Fifty years later even our “new” school is gone. But we still remember. . . . .

1939-40 – Freshmen

Fifty-four Yelm Grade School students completed the eighth grade in the spring 1939. With new classmates from surrounding towns, there were 64 Yelm High School freshmen that fall. Class officers; were Charles Sokoik, president; Robert “Art” Smith, vice president; Dick Kittleman, secetary; Jim Rice, treasurer; and George McCloud, sergent-at-arms. Lawrence Lemmel was class adviser.

Members of the faculty during our first year were Superintendent O. L. Montgomery, Frank Bower, Eve Philip Curry, Carl Faulk, Lawrence Lemmel, Arlene Lindstrom, Ruth Otterstedt, Alan Rice, and William Sherman.

As freshmen we plunged bravely into school activities. Kay Lou McNett was a member of the Student Council. Freshmen representatives to the Girls’ League Council were Lois Brown and Beatrice Waller. The Lettermen’s Club membership incuded George McCloud and Jim Rice. George McCloud was also a member of the 1940 league championship baseball team.

In the Glee Club there was Eileen Benson, Juanita Fox, Emma Prince, Frances Weber, Elva Sjostrom, Mildred Stewart, Eunice Nobel, Florence Marvin, Marian Echtle, June Peugh, Sylvia Jones, Roberta Nugent, Ethel Johnson, Joe Wilkenson, Dick Kittleman, and Bob Iverson; Orchestra – Arvilla Brown, Marian Echtle, Ruth Stanton, Dean Sias, Lilian Solomon, and Genevieve Michel; Band – Genevieve Michel. All these same classmates, and others later on, helped to provide the music for concerts and other special events to take place throughout our high school years.

1940-41 – Sophomores

Class of officers were Bob Iverson, president; Kay Lou McNett, vice president; and Genevieve Michel, secretary. When Bob moved away Kay Lou became president and then Guy Baty, vice president. Frank Bower was the class adviser.

When Ruth Otterstedt and Alan Rice had gone, and the new faculty members moved in this year, they were S. H. Van Woundenberg and Jeanne Zeimantz.

The Student Body elected Guy Baty to be Sergeant-at-arms, and chose Ruth Stanton, Lois Brown, and June Peugh to be the cheerleaders. Sophomore representatives appointed to the Girls’ League Council were Ruth Stanton and Nadine Arfman; Arvilla Brown was secretary- treasurer.

Many more sports letters have been earned, and new members to the Letterman’s Club were Guy Baty, Howard Cooley, Richard Daskam, and Bob Grinde. George McCloud, as a sophomore, was chosen captain of the basketball team and elected vice president of the Letterman’s Club, he was given the unusual award. George McCloud, Jim Rice, and Howared Cooley were all members of the repeated Champion Basketball Team. Joining the Block Y Club were Kay Lou McNett, Genevieve Michel, Edythe Hawkey, Marian Echtle, Arvilla Brown, June Peugh, Charlotte McMonigle, Nadine Arfman, Ruth Stanton, was vice president, Roberta Nugent, and LoisBrown.

Those earning a membership in the Torch Honor Society were Arvilla Brown, Lois Brown, Edythe Hawkey, Ruth Stanton, Florence Marvin, Kay Lou McNett, Charlotte McMonigle, Genevieve Michel, Roberta Nugent, Marian Echtle, Eunice Noble, Dick Kittleman, Bob Iverson, Nadine Arfman, Eileen Benson, Joe Wilkenson, Ethel Johnson, and Guy Baty.

“The Dizzy Baton,” a one-act operetta presented at the spring concert, it featured sophomores Roberta Nugent, and Genevieve Michel. In the month of May it became the Sophomore Hop, admission was 30c per person. The theme was “Spanish Fiesta,” and the BIG event of the evening was the crowning of Queen Gladys Anderson, a senior, and a King Richard Daskam, of our own class.

1941-42 – Juniors

The 1917 high school building was destroyed by a fire on June 24, 1941, once it had been closed for the summer. We returned in Septemberto classes in the gymnasium and wherever else available space could be found. Nevertheless, school activites resumed and the Class of ’43 continued to make it’s history.

This years Class officers were Guy Baty, president; Don Miller, vice president; Nadine Arfman, secretary; and Verna Osterberg, treasurer. There was no faculty adviserer mentioned in the 1942 annual.

The faculty now included new members Grace Howard and L. T. Alsburry, who was replacing Arlene Lindstrom and Lawrence Lemmel.

Nadine Arfman was the Student Body sectetary and Dick Kittleman was the treasurer, Guy Baty became a member of the Student Council. Ruth Stanton and Dick Kittleman were both junior representatives on the Annual Staff. The staff for the School Paper were Verna Osterberg, Kay Lou McNett, Beatrice Waller, Ruth Stanton, Arvilla Brown, and George Rice.

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  1. My grandfather graduated in ’44 from YHS. It would be interesting to see if there is any information on his time here. He passed away in ’95

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