[Connecting With the Outside World] by Edgar Prescott

[Connecting With the Outside World] by Edgar Prescott

Introduction:  Edgar Prescott moved to Yelm in the 1940’s.  In his unpublished autobiography Prescott left this description of “connecting with the outside world”

In Yelm it was a man named Wright, a black haired fellow with snapping black eyes. He had a boy and a girl in high school who looked just like him.

Mornings, except for Sundays, passengers loaded onto his little bus—On good days there might be a dozen of them—and he hauled them off to Tacoma. About the middle of the afternoon, after they’d had plenty of time to get their business tended to, he brought them back, along with anybody else who might be wanting to come to Yelm.  He only made one trip a day.

Alice found out about the times of his going and coming back, and she found that in Tacoma she could catch a bus to Seattle, and that in Seattle she could hook up with another local bus that crossed over to the island on a ferry at Mukilteo and went on to Coupeville.

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