Melancholy Accident June 19, 1857

Melancholy Accident

Pioneer and Democrat June 19, 1857

A son of Mr. Levi Shelton, of the Yelm prairie, while engaged in drawing a cover over a yeager to protect it from the rain, preparatory to a hunt for game, accidentally shot himself through the palm of the hand, whereby most shockingly mutilating that limb – Upon surgical examination, it was discovered that all the fingers of that hand had been rendered useless, and amputation, above the wrist, ad to be resorted to, to save not only the arm, but probably the patient.  This operation was ably performed by Dr. Burns, of this place, assisted by Drs. Willard, Kiser, and Glenn of Oregon, while the patient was under the influence of chloroform.  The invalid is now doing as well as can be expected.

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