News From Yelm March 2, 1903

News From Yelm

March 2, 1903  Washington Standard

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Mosman spent last Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Rice

Mrs. Paff and Mr. John Longmire drove to Olympia Monday

George Chambers of North Yakima, was greeting old friends in Yelm Wednesday.  He brought two carloads of cattle to Olympia the first of the week.

Eight commercial travelers were looking after business in Yelm Tuesday.

Isaac Taylor and T. S. Pringle departed for North Yakima Wednesday.  Mr. Taylor had been visiting his sister, V. Longmire, and other relatives near here.

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Cabana, Mr. Swanson and Miss Miles were visitors to Olympia during the week.

Mr. Day, of Tacoma, was in Yelm Thursday.

Mr. Axel Swanson invited a number of friends to spend the evening with himself and bridge last Thursday.  They report a pleasant time.

Eight passengers came in on the Northern Pacific Friday evening.

The Messrs. Whitney, of Tacoma, made a short visit to their father Saturday.

Dr. Beach of Roy, was over yesterday

J. A. McKenzie received a piano by freight Thursday.

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