Yelm Board to Ponder Fate of Mckenna School August 6, 1974

Yelm Board to Ponder Fate of Mckenna School

The Daily Olympian, Tuesday, August 6, 1974

The Yelm School District Board this Thursday night will discuss the threatened condemnation of the Mckenna Elementary School building by Pierce County Fire Marshal Fred Smith, according to Dr. Glen Nutter, superintendent. The board will hold its regular meeting in the administrative offices, starting at 8 p.m.

Dr. Nutter said that the fire marshal examined the 54- year-old, two-story frame building towards the end of May (it is located just within Pierce County). Smith suggested three alternatives: replace the building (at about $400,000 said Dr. Nutter); remodel to provide fire walls throughout ($40,000); install a sprinkler system ($30,00).

Dr. Nutter said the board and members of a citizens’ advisory committee have expressed reluctance to spend any considerable sum on the old building and would rather erect a new one if the voters approve.

However, Nutter continued, the task of the board at the moment is to try to reach an agreement with the fire marshal on some kind of satisfactory, low-priced safety measure to take so that the district may continue to use McKenna School while seeking voter approval on building construction funds and then, if successful, erecting the new building – all of which takes time.

The existing structure houses eight classrooms and an office. Dr. Nutter said the enrollment for this fall has been estimated at 180 students.

(Prepared by Brendan Young)

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