Who’s Who in Yelm Mrs. Mattie Dain

Who’s Who in Yelm   Mrs. Mattie Dain

Nisqually Valley News   December 10, 1942

 Mrs. Mattie Dain, part owner and proprietor of the Green Lantern has been a capable Yelm businesswoman since 1927, when she and Mrs. Katie Pollman opened their popular eating spot.  Polite and gray-haired, Mrs. Dain, who was born in Nebraska, came here in 1900, making the trip from Iowa with the intention of seeking new country where she could settle down and carry on a farming enterprise.

“We settled on the farm when we first arrive from there.  Yelm was just one large mudhole in those days.  The whole town consisted of the store and a post office surrounded by a few residences, reminisced Mrs. Dain as she passed for a moment between serving lunches to hungry Yelm citizen.

When asked is she had any hobbies, this businesswoman laughingly replied that the Green Lantern didn’t allow her much spare time for business till comes first, and the popularity of this store has made it a permanent hobby.

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