Yelm During Wartime Nisqually Valley News November 12, 1942

Yelm During Wartime

Nisqually Valley News   November 12, 1942

 Yelm War Chest Fund Goes Over the Quota Set

Putting Yelm over the War Chest Fund O. L. Montgomery has announced that a total of $176.07 in cash and $35 in pledges have been received at the Yelm High School office.

Gas Rationing Set Back “A” Week by Defense Group

The Office of Defense Transportation has positioned the registration for gas rationing originally scheduled for this week.  New dates have not been definitely set a yet. . . . Owners of cars may bring their application blanks, secured at any service station with them when they register at the Yelm High School.

Auxiliary Holds Meeting at William Schultz Home

Members of the American Legion are preparing a box of cookies, candy, stationary, tobacco, table tennis balls, playing cards, checkers, etc. to be sent to the 153rd Infantry.  This unit was formerly stationed at Ft. Lewis.

Silk Hose Needed By U.S. Army for Powder Bags

Starting November 16th, Washington women will start sending their old silk and nylon hosiery to war.  The store which sell hose are asked to provide a “Bank” where these may be deposited. Women are asked to wash and take them to the nearest store all hose , no longer usable, which contain nylon or silk.  H. L. Wolf and Co. has provided a box near the hosiery counter of their store where these may be deposited. . . .Save your junk-Save Fats-and now save old hose.  We can do it and we will.  We are being asked to do so little in proportion to what we wish we could for the War effort.  Let’ do quickly and thoroughly everything asked of us.

 Navy Mothers Club Gets National Charter Presented

The Navy Mother Club received the National Charter and has installation of offices at the Social Hall on Tuesday evening, November 10th.







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