What Are You Doing for Your Civilian Defense Job?

What Are You Doing for Your Civilian Defense Job? Nisqually Valley News  September 10, 1942

Questionaires are the order of the day and so we think it won’t be amiss to add one more, for the readers of this paper who are residents of our community.  Don’t mail this back, send it to Washington, D.C.  Don’t even give it to your Air Raid Warden.  But please give it some thought and attention and answer the questions honestly for the benefit of yourself.

1.  What am I actually doing about the war effort?

2. Have I changed my way of living voluntarily in any way-to aid by country?

3.  Am I investing as much as I possibly can in War Savings Bonds and Stamps, regularly?

war bond cartoon

4.  Am I fully assuming my share of the community’s burden in Air Raid watching?

5.  Do I keep till when I want to talk about war news that may or may not be authentic?

6.  Is my home nearly as ready for an emergency as possible?

7.  Do I drive my car only when necessary and then not over 40 miles an hour?

8.  Have I scoured my home, my yard, my farm for every piece of scrap metal and rubber?  Have I either delivered that to the depot or called someone to let them know it is ready?

9.  Am I saving waste fats and turning them into in to market regularly?

10.  Do I write letter to the boys from Yelm, who would like to hear from me?

11.  Do I show my complete respect for my Country by my attitude when the Star Spangled Banner is played? 2.  oct 8, 1942

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