Proclamation Asks for Share the Meat Program Here November 19, 1942

Proclamation Asks for Share the Meat Program Here

Nisqually Valley News   November 19, 1942

Thanksgiving season this year finds our country and our community already embarked on a deliberate and planned program of sacrificing out land-of-plenty ideas as a necessary part of winning this war. One thing we are about to share with our armed forces and our Allies is our gigantic reserve of meats.

In the week starting November 30, volunteers enlisted by the Defense Council and the Extension Service will call on all homes to explain the necessity for conserving mean and using alternative foods and to obtain every family’s promise of cooperation to this nation-side program.

More volunteers are needed to register for the Share the Meat campaign and the other wartime tasks which will fall to neighborhood leaders as time goes on.  I call upon all patriotic men and women who are able to do so and who are not already in civilian service, to register with the Defense Council at once so that every neighborhood will be repreented.

I ask all citizens to receive there visitors courteously when they arrive on their helpful, neighborly calls.  Let us make the Share the Meat Campaign a living example of Democracy at work.

(Signed) S. E. Williams

Coordinator Yelm Civilian Defense.




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