News About the Boys in the U.S. Army and Navy October 5, 1944

News About the Boys in the U.S. Army and Navy

NisquallyValley News   October 5, 1944 

Bluejacket Charles R. Haskins, 21, Rt. 1 Yelm, received recognition as eligible to qualify for the petty officer rate of motor machinist’s mate third class during the recent graduation ceremonies at the NavalTraining School (Diesel) on the Iowa State College campus, at Ames, Iowa. Selection to attend the specialty school is based on the results of recruit training aptitude test scores. The course of study includes the use, operation and maintenance of diesel engine theory, electrical fundamentals and machine shop operation. The graduate is now awaiting duty orders to sea or some shore station.

Bos’n Mate 1c and Mrs. Howard Lewis spent the last week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Lewis. Bos’n Lewis is now in command of a picket boat off the coast.

Staff Sgt. Homer Gritten, who was reported missing in action in August, arrived at the home of his mother , Mrs. Team Gritten, of PacificCity, this week. Sgt. Gritten was the assistant engineer and turret gunner on the Liberator bomber, “Pat,” of the 15th Air Force, which was shot down over Ploesti, Romania, on August 10th. He and five other members of the 11 man crew bailed out, and were taken by Germans to Camp Y Buchresti, where they were fed on black bread and water for 10 days. Upon the surrender of the Romanians to the Russians, the prisoners were released and returned to their home base in Italy, where Sgt. Gritten was presented the Oak Leaf Clusters for the Air Medal and the Purple Heart, and stars for three invasions. Besides his mother, Sgt. Gritten is welcomed home by his sister, Miss Opal Gritten, of PacificCity, and his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Gritten, and many other friends in and around Yelm and Rainier districts, when in his former home.

The publisher received an email letter this week from Pfc. Charles E. Wilkowski, telling of his new address so that he may receive his paper that much faster. His subscription was a gift from his sister, Mrs. Charles Demich, and he says that it really makes it seem like a small world when he reads about the people of Yelm, all over the world, and about the people of Yelm where he spent many of his early summers in the berry fields, and his last four years of school playing basketball, baseball, football, and track against the Yelm High teams. Wilkowski is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilkowski, of Rainer. 

Cpl. David Hobart, of the Army Air Corps, son of Mrs. Dona Hobart, writes from Assam, India: “This camp, although in the heart of the jungle, is not as bad as we expected. We have running water and straw huts (called Bashas) to live in, and there is a Red Cross canteen here where we can drop in after work for a cup of coffee and sandwich or some doughnuts, which is greatly appreciated.” Dave also sne his mother an Indian one dollar bill (approximately) which at the present rate of exchange is equal to about 30 cents.

Pharmacist’s mate 2c Doyal Gallagher, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Gallagher, returned to his base at the SeattleNavalHospital, this week after a 15 day leave with his parents and friends in Yelm.

Carpenter’s Mate 3c Carroll Trotter, of the Navy Seabees, who has been overseas for the past year and a half, is spending his 30 day leave with is mother, Mrs. Emillie Trotter. Carroll has been in the South Pacific, spending most of his time in the Solomons, Rendavo, and New Georgia. He also spent a 30 day leave in New Zealand.

Lt. Bill Trotter, another son of Mrs. Emillie Trotter, expects to be home on Friday evening to spend a couple of weeks recovering from an appendicitis operation. Bill has just recently returned from a flight to Alaska, but his home station is Gore Field, near Great Falls, Montana.

 Carpenter’s Mate 2c, Robert Cripas, of the Navy Seabees, who is home on a 30 day leave from the South Pacific, is spending a few days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Schneider, so that he may be able to do a little fishing and hunting. They are old friends and neighbors from Montana.

BKr 3c Chester Engh, son of Mr. and Mrs. Casper Engh, is spending a leave with is parents. He is a veteran of several battles in the South Pacific. 

Charles Sokolik, son of Mrs. Jane Sokolik, has recently received his promotion to corporal at Camp Robert, California.

 Third Class Petty Officer Lee Henricka, a graduate of YelmHigh School is spending a leave with is parents in Olympia.

 Service Folks Married

 Seaman 1c Jack A Iyall, U.S. N. and Spl Celina Garry, an Indian girl serving with the Marina Corps Women’s Reserve, were married at Rockville, Maryland, recently. The groom is the son of Ida Iyall, and had just returned from overseas duty and will now be stationed at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard at Bremerton. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Iqual H. Garry, or Plummer Idaho and is stationed at the Marine Corps Headquarters in Washington, D. C>


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