News About the Boys in the U.S. Army and Navy October 26, 1944

News About the Boys in the U.S. Army and Navy

Nisqually Valley News  October 26, 1944

Leonard Docherty arrived home Wednesday evening from his boot camp training at Farragut, Idaho, and is confined to hi bed.  He was in the sick bay when his leave began but made the trip home regardless as his leave only lass to November 7th.  He is now confined to his home until he recovers.  His mother, Mrs. Amalia Docherty, arrived from the east a week previously to be with her son here at home during his leave.

Word has been received from Winston (Bud) Gallear, that he is now a gunner’s mate third class.  He says the equator is hotter now than any time he has been across it before. Also stated that where he is now in the Southwest Pacific, hunting is good if one wanted to call it good, but not for deer.

In recognition of more than one year of active military service marked by “exemplary behavior, efficiency and fidelity,” the good conduct medal has been awarded to Pvt. Merle McCloud., of Yelm, it was announced today by the Panama Cost Artillery Command.  Pvt. McCloud was cited for “fidelity through faithful and exact performance of duty, efficiency thru capacity to produced desired results, and behavior such as to deserve emulation.”  He is a cannoneer with Col. F. A. Mountford’s harbors defense organization.  He has served with the Coast Artillery forces guarding the Panama Canal since Feb. 8, 1943.  His parents Mr. and Mrs. George McCloud, of Yelm

Cook 2c Louis Alongi , who has been in the South Pacific for the past two years arrived home on an overnight leave Wednesday evening.  This is the first visit home for Louis in a long time.

Staff Sgt. And Mrs. Edwin Nelson (formerly Miss Emily Coates) left Monday for Juneau, Alaska, and were expected in there today. (Thursday) Sgt. Nelson was recently transferred there and Mrs. Nelson was fortunate to be able to go on the same boat.

Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Vancil were made happy this week by a telegram from their son, Glen, stating that he is now located at Menlo Park, Cal.  He arrived recently from a long overseas service.  His brother, Bob and his wife, living in California, visited him a few days ago.

Word has been received from Ted Isom that he had been transferred to another ship and is being sent back to the United States from of the South Pacific islands.  His mother and wife expect him home again before Christmas.

Sgt. Gladys Curry of the WAC, has arrived back in the United States and called her father, J. M. Curry, up on the phone Tuesday evening.  She was unable to say where she was, but will be at Fort Lewis in a short time to get ready for a twenty one day leave.  Sgt. Curry has been in England.

Sgt. and Mrs. Floyd Bean, and their small daughter, arrived this week from Camp Gruber, Oklahoma, and visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Brown. Sgt. Bean left the early part of the week his camp, but Mrs. Bean and daughter will stay here as Sgt. Bean expects to be sent overseas.

Cook 1c Clarence Stancil, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Stancil, who has been on sea duty for the past year is now assigned to the new Navy Station in Tacoma.

Pfc. D. W. Crockett, of the U.S. Marine Corps, arrived in Yelm Wednesday to visit his wife, the former Miss Hazel Champion, and baby girl, Carol Gay, who arrived on Oct. 23.






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