Rock Fight Leads to Arrest; Woman Thrown Over Fence July 19, 1918

Rock Fight Leads to Arrest; Woman Thrown Over Fence

(Olympia Daily Recorder  July 19, 1918) 

Sometimes disputes, verging on comic soap opera, made the “news”.  These tales are pretty much gone from today’s papers, but we encounter similar stories on Facebook or see them on YouTube.  I would love to see this on YouTube.

“It happened in Yelm.  A.C. Goodno denies it, but a Seger says ‘tis so.  Goodno was arrested yesterday by Deputy Sheriff Hoage and released when his friends put up $200 bail.”

“Goodno, it alleged, bought some chickens from Seger.  But, says Seger, he failed to pay.  She says Goodno became annoyed and threw her over the fence.  On her return home, Mr. Seger rolled up his sleeves and sallied out to interview said Goodno.  He had no better luck than Mrs. Seger, but it is not known whether he, too, was thrown over the fence.  He says Goodno talked bad at him, and Goodno meekly remarked that Seger used some powerful language.  Somebody threw a rock.  Goodno says it was Seger and Seger says it was Goodno.  Seger finally picked his way carefully through a barrage of flying dornicks, now and then replying with a vocal poison gas and a carefully directed long distance shot.”

“Then Seger came to town and got a warrant, and it will be up to Justice Crosby to untangle the affair.  Deputy Sheriff Hoage says Goodno seems to have a mild disposition and neither combatant bears marks of a struggle.”  (Morning Olympian   July 19, 1918)


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