Nitro Used to Blow Open Safe in Yelm Store (Morning Olympian October 12, 1913)

“Nitro Used to Blow Open Safe in Yelm Store”

(Morning Olympian  October 12, 1913)

Nitro-glycerine is believed to have been used a by a burglar in blowing the safe if the Yelm post office in this county early yesterday morning, when about $300 in stamps and $100 in cash were taken.  No clue other than papers fond along the line of the railroad toward Tacoma had been secured at a late hour this afternoon, according to word from Yelm.  It is thought that the burglar took the early morning train for Tacoma or Seattle, and threw the worthless and damaging papers out of the car window.”

“Neighbors of D. H. Hughes, in whose general merchandise store the post office is kept, say that the heard noises about 3 o’clock, and it is thought this was about the time of the burglary.”  (Morning Olympian  October 12, 1913)

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