Game Warden Will Make Investigation Morning Olympian April 8, 1913

Game Warden Will Make Investigation

Morning Olympian  April 8, 1913

No Clue is yet discovered as to assailant of Yelm victim – James Fennell, county game warden, intends to do a little investigation of the mystery of the death of the man whose remains were found near Saturday afternoon.  As yet Coroner Sticklin has been unable to get any trace of the identity of the man, , and the authorities have taken no action in the matter.  Fennell hopes to get some trace of the affair, although he has no clues of any kind to work on at present.  Only the skeleton and fragments of clothing remained.                                                                                                                       Some months ago a body was found on the west side under similar circumstances, and the authorities were never able to get any clue as to the identity of the person.  The Yelm skeleton adds another mystery, and present indications are neither will ever be solved.

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