Chauncey Grover Nabs Post Office Robber Single Handed February 4, 1943

Chauncey Grover Nabs Post Office Robber Single Handed

Nisqually Valley News  February 4, 1943

Chauncey Grover, assistant postmaster and man about town in Yelm for many years proved himself a man of  the law early Wednesday home when he was returning home from duty as an air raid watcher.  He noticed the light in the post office was on and went across the street very quietly to see what the trouble was.  On approaching the post office he discovered a man in the office going through the mail with a flashlight. Chauncey went home and brought out his trusty revolver for which he seldom if ever had any use and went around behind the post office, arriving in time to meet the burglar, Delbert V. Scott, of Aberdeen, just coming out of the office.

Chauncey turned the flashlight that he had brought with him on Scott and told him to put up his hands.  Scott very obligingly did this after looking at the wrong end of Chauncey’s gun.  Chauncey said he didn’t know who was the most frightened, him or the burglar, but he had the gun.  Scott objected to walking through mud puddles and wanted to put his hands down, but again Chauncey convinced him that he was very nervous and was likely to let go with the forty-five if he didn’t stay put, besides where he was going to he would have a long time to dry out.

Scott was taken to the air raid shack and help was called for both locally and the sheriff’s office.  J. M. Curry arrived on the scene and handcuffed Scott and then called the sheriff to come and get the prisoner.

While he was waiting for the sheriff, he asked Chauncey if he would do a good job of shooting if he broke and ran for it.  Chauncey told him he sure would, right at the knees.  To those who know Chauncey, there is a suspicion that he was bragging, but the prisoner thought he was a pretty good hot and didn’t attempt it.




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