Who’s Who in Yelm – Hunter McKain December 11, 1942

Who’s Who in Yelm – Hunter McKain

Nisqually Valley News  December 11, 1942

 A native of Pennsylvania, the Reverend Hunter McKain, pastor of the Yelm Community Methodist Church, was born and raised in Philadelphia, later attending Albright College in reading before going to Theological Seminary in New Jersey.  Yelm’ popular young minister studied at the latter institution for four years.  He was selected by the Foreign Mission as a member of a group of theological students which was to be sent to agricultural college and thence to foreign lands, but die to the Mission’s financial status, Hunter McKain was sent instead to Dutton, Montana.

It was while attending a summer institute in the Rocky Mountains that he met his wife-to-be, then residing in Great Falls, and the couple was married the following spring of 1941.

Before coming to Yelm the couple lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, later coming West to this town.

“We were somewhat unpleasantly surprised when we first arrived in Yelm, but each day of living here has brought pleasant surprise to us in the person of Yelm’s many fine citizens who have done so much to make us at home here,” commented Rev. and Mr. McKain.






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