Who’s Who in Yelm – Crawford Williams January 7, 1943

Who’s Who in Yelm – Crawford Williams

Nisqually Valley News  January 7, 1943

Born in Pendleton, Oregon, the land of Indian, horses, and festive annual round-ups, Crawford E. Williams of the Puget Sound Power and Light, Co., still must confess to an inability to “sit” a horse in true western style.

“I was only a spectator at round-ups, not a participant,” he modestly answered in reply to an inquiry concerning his ability as an equestrian.  “Besides, I received most of my bringing up in a small lumber town, Post Falls, Idaho.”

“Book larnin” intrigued young Williams who made an extensive study of the mysteries of chemistry and pre medical both at Spokane College and U.C.L.A. in California, only to decide after a year with the Western Electric Company that the romance of electricity and its applications would be more applicable to his abilities.

In 1924 he became an employee of Puget Power in Tacoma, but was transferred to Yelm in 1937 when his company acquired the Thurston County Public Utility Company have the Avery Electric Company at Roy.  After one year in Yelm, William persuaded the lady of his choice, Miss Ruth Banker, of Puyallup, that this town was the “best in the West” for newlyweds, and they were married in April 1923.  Evidently Mrs. Williams agreed with him for the people have continued their residence here, and have two daughters attending grade school, Jo Ann, who is twelve, and Retha Sue, who is ten.

“A glance backward over these years convince me of the wisdom of Puget Sound in selecting Yelm as the area headquarters; for this community has been endowed with the personalities and the spirit that assures a steady growth in responsibility and leadership of the civic education and commercial establishments in this area.  I am proud to be a citizen of Yelm,” emphatically stated Williams.

The Yelm Lions Club, of which he secretary, and the Civilian Defense Committee, of which he is coordinator, take up most of his time and might be classed as the hobbies of the personable Crawford William, of who everyone in Yelm can truly say, “We are proud to have him as a resident of the community.”



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