Local Socialist Meetings August 2, 1903


Local Socialist Meetings

Washington Standard  August 2, 1903

The series of propaganda meeting held by the local Socialists at their headquarters, last week, addressed by their National Organizer M. W. Wilkins, seems to have awakened sufficient interest among the faithful to arrange several meetings for this California agitator, throughout the county.  He has also spoken at Schneider’s Prairie, Tumwater, Little Rock, and tonight billed for Gate and tomorrow at Grand Mound.  Then filling a three day engagement at both Centralia and Chehalis, he returns to Bucoda for Saturday and Sunday week, to Tenino on the 17th, Yelm the 18th, ending with a final rally at South Union on the 19th, after which Mr. Wilkins will make a tour of Gray’s Harbor points.



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