Business is Booming in Yelm Town; Railroads to Build New Sidetrack

Business is Booming in Yelm Town; Railroads to Build                                            New Sidetrack                                                                    

Unknown paper or date (Between 1907 and 1922)

The town of Yelm is a bustling little community with many accommodations and advantages that some of the larger towns have not. The Northern Pacific and Great Northern practically pass through the town and the Milwaukee is only a mile away. As business demands, a siding will be constructed by the Milwaukee to Yelm.

The railroads show an Increase in business of 1.200 per cent over the business for last year. The passenger traffic has increased 110 percent and 100 cars are being billed through from Yelm every month. The freight business has increased so fast that the N. P. will build a new 600 ft. sidetrack as soon as labor conditions will permit.

Yelm boasts two large general stores, the Mossman General Merchandise store and the Martin General Store. J. L. Mossman and J. P. Martin, the proprietors, are alive to the needs of the community and keep their establishments up-to-date. Yelm has no lawyers, but boasts a drugstore and a physician.

The Yelm post office is under the direction of Postmaster D. R. Hughes, who reports that the postal business has more than doubled in the last year. Bige Eddy, who has charge of the rural mall route that covers 31 miles of the surrounding territory, has been on the job since the route was established.

Miss Mary Eddy keeps the people of Yelm informed as to the happenings in the district by means of the Yelm Times, of which she is the editor. The Times Is a newsy weekly paper.

There are two creditable rooming houses in Yelm, the Mt. View Hotel and the rooming house conducted on one of the main corners by Mrs. E. 0. Hetrlck. Mrs. Hetrick is in charge at the telephone office. A thrivingmeat market is under the direction of Floyd Rice and a first class creamery operated by Manager Swanson take care of their end of the business of the prairie. Farm implementsand blacksmithing are the drawingcards of C. H. Hughes. Dick Murphy is proprietor of the town’s confectionary shop and club room.


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