M.A.P. Mainly About People – Lessons hardest to learn are s (Morning Olympian November 2, 1932)


Mainly About People – Lessons hardest to learn are s

(Morning Olympian    November 2, 1932)

Mrs. Elmer Fristoe of Yelm who called at Red Cross headquarters in Olympia Monday, said the ladies of the Yelm district ad completed the making of women’s and children’s garments from the 488 yards of material given them by the Red Cross and were so well pleased that the ladies wanted enough more cloth for one hundred garments which they would makeup and bring to Olympia for distribution here.  Other issuances of clothing material on Monday by the Red Cross were 200 yards to Mrs. H. W. Gehrke and Mrs. E. Burnham, in charge of sewing at Rainier, 238 years to Mrs. Jack Martin  for the sewing societies in the Bald Hills and Eureka districts.

News of Thurston County – Yelm

E. K. Fristoe, Cor.

(Morning Olympian  November 5, 1932)

Approximately 400 yards of cloth materials have been distributed among te needy around Yelm during the past week to be made into dresses, shirts, and underwear and sheets.  The shipment delivered to Yelm through the Olympia chapter of the Red Cross and is being handled locally through the various churches, with Mrs. E. K. Fristoe as general chairman.  A corps of women are busy sewing the gingham into garments for small children and will be placed in homes where no one is able to sew.


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