Yelm People Benefit by Work Project (Nisqually Valley News August 8, 1935)

Yelm People Benefit by Work Project

Nisqually Valley News   August 8, 1935

A work project has been filed with the Works Progress Administration for men to be used on the Yelm Irrigation District. If acted upon favorably, it will employ 26 men for a period of ten months. Work proposed is increasing the capacity of the Main Line Canal; replacing two of the main line flumes with earthen, ditches, and work on the distribution system.

Also Yelm Creek has been, or it is trusted that it will be set up into a flood control project which will correct the condition which exists during every period of high water and has caused considerable damage to some of the best land in the district and has completely shut off many of the main roads during the winter months.

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