WORK RELIEF PROJECTS DOING GOOD JOB (Nisqually Valley News December 5, 1935)


Nisqually Valley News  December 5, 1935

Under the supervision of Engineer Henry Peoples, work on the lower end of Yelm Creek is progressing very satisfactorily, with thirty men being employed at the present time and the number to be increased to 40 or more as soon as tools are available.

This work will be of ever-lasting benefit to the community as well as being of great benefit to the farmers in the upper country.


A force of forty men from the transient camp at McKenna are at the present time working on the upper end of Yelm Creek through the old Hammerschmith mill site and are doing very valuable work from a drainage standpoint. E. F. Banker, state director of the department of conservation and development, his assistant W. Ulier and Ray Cruikshank made a trip over the Yelm creek project the fore part of the week to see how the work was progressing.

The Yelm Irrigation project is being carried on under the supervision of Chester Thompson, employing about thirty men, most of the work being done on the Main Line Canal, which of course will be of lasting benefit to the community.

The city street project is under the supervision of Mayor J. M. Curry, and is employing twelve men. A very valuable piece of work is being done by these men.

Several road projects are under way in this end of the county and there appears to be very few men in this community who are unemployed.

Plans at .the present time are under way for the construction of a town hall, public library, fire station, city jail and Yelm Irrigation office under one roof and it is hoped this project can be worked out and construction gotten under way. If the present plans

are carried out, this will be a very much needed building tor the community.


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