Echoes From Yelm: An Ambitious Little Burgh (September 5, 1889)

Echoes From Yelm:  An Ambitious Little Burgh

(Tacoma Daily Ledger September 5, 1889 p. 3)

On Mount Tacoma

When the Ledger is publishing items about Mount Tacoma possibly the following may be deemed worthy of mention, owing to the extreme youth of the climber:  on the 21st of August little Christine V. T., 9 years old, ascended Mount Tacoma to an altitude of 10,000 feet, climbing steadily four and a half hours from camp in Paradise valley to the height reached. During the ascent the youthful mountaineer passed through a finely arched ice tunnel 105 feet long by 30 feet in width, the arch 10 feet high. The solid ice of the sides and ceiling of the tunnel were beautifully tinted with green and sky blue, the rocky floor forming in the center the channel of a tumbly ice-cold stream.

At 10,000 feet elevation oh that bright summer afternoon little feet grew very cold and little hands were benumbed by the sharp blasts that swept down from the ice dome above. Several crevices two feet wide and of great depth were leaped by the little climber. From this elevation two mountain climbers Messrs. Gove and Nichol, it afterwards proved, could be seen slowly and laboriously toiling up the last steep stretch of the summit their bodies, even from the high point (10,000 feet) on the mountain itself, looking like mere black spots moving over the pure snow. Some persons have erroneously supposed that a flag planted on the summit of the mountain, as a tangible evidence of a successful ascent, might be seen from the Sound with a field glass.

At 9,000 feet the cairn built by Miss Fay Fuller and her companion in 1887 was visited. The tin box was examine and the writing it contained, though in pencil, was found to be as legible as the day it was written, notwithstanding the storms and snows of nearly three winters had swept over the spot.

A little further on is Camp Plummer, still as the professor left it in 1887, the wire flag staff from which his colors floated still in the rock crevice in which he placed it. Christine built a new cairn on the rocky ultima thule of her climb and deposited a tin box containing the date of her ascent. In 1870 General Stevens and his companion deposited in the crater a copper plate with their names engraved on it. In 1883 the Bailey party left an inscribed leaden plate, and the Ingraham-Muir party of 1888 deposited records of their ascent on the rim of the crater, as did the successful ascending parties of this year. These various points and depositories, all in the line of ascent, will form interesting features in the ascent of future climbers. Parties desirous, of a delightful and health-giving summer outing should visit the Southern parks of the mountain in late July or early August. They will enjoy mountain scenery that in sublimity and beauty beggars description.



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