‘Wild Man” Captured and Sent to Asylum (December 6, 1906)

‘Wild Man” Captured and Sent to Asylum

Captured in the woods near Yelm, where he has been acting the part of a traditional wild man, Harvey Dusenbery was today committed to the Western Washington hospital at Fort Steilacoom by Judge Linn. Dusenbery gave his home as Provo City, Utah.  He has been in the vicinity of Yelm for about a week but defied capture until yesterday when J. F. Rice ran him down and after a struggle succeeded in overpowering him.  The insane man threw Rice completely over his head during the struggle.  He was brought to the city by Rice and Walter Longmire, The demented man was but scantily clothed and had been sleeping out of door without covering.  (Olympia Daily Recorder  December 6, 1906)

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