Campbell Escapes Asylum (May 22, 1902)


Chief Savidge this morning received from Yelm stating that a man answering the description of  M. Campbell, the patient who escaped from the asylum at Steilacoom Tuesday night, was seen in that town this morning.  He is said to have had a handkerchief wrapped around his hand and was hastening east, probably to Tacoma.  The three attendants from the asylum who were sent here to search for the man left this morning, two returning to the asylum and the other going to Yelm.” (Washington Daily Record  May 22, 1902)

 Campbell Quickly Captured

Insane Man Never Came to Olympia But Turned Off at Woodland—Offered No Resistance.

The escaped insane man, R. D. Campbell, who was thought to have made a visit to Olympia, was captured by the wardens of the asylum on the Northern’ Pacific main line between Yelm and Tacoma. Campbell never came to this city at all. After reaching Woodland he left the line of the railway and followed the wagon road to Yelm, He paused tliat place during the evening and turned back towards Tacoma. Supt. Parks, at Steilacoom, was notified of the direction the demented man had taken and the wardens easily found him yesterday morning. The wardens who were here were notified by telephone of the capture and left immediately for Steilacoom.

The Olympian was in error yesterday in giving tae unfortunate man’s name as M. E. Campbell. A gentleman by that name is secretary of-the John D. Campbell & Co. spice mills in Tacoma, with which concern the demented man has been associated. Evening paper please copy again.  (Morning Olympian  May 23, 1902)


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