Lunatic Thinks Yelm is Cincinnati, Ohio (February 20, 1909)

Lunatic Thinks Yelm is Cincinnati, Ohio

Chas. B. Spurlock yesterday morning mistook Yelm, Wash., for Cincinnati, O., and last evening was adjudged insane and today was taken to the Western Washington hospital for the insane.  He was first seen at Roy, Pierce county, Thursday and was thought to be of unsound mind, but it la said that at Roy he was told to go over the river to find Cincinnati and when he reached Yelm yesterday morning: he asked if he had reached the fair Ohio city and said he wanted to find Flint street, where his father and mother lived.

When told that his mother did not reside in Yelm he broke down and cried like a child. Word was sent to the authorities here and Sheriff Gaston ordered him brought in. When questioned he said that he was 35 years of age, had been married and divorced

and that his wife lives In Kentucky.  His parents, he says, live in Cincinnati on Flint street but he cannot remember their house number. He was in the San Francisco earthquake.

The examining physicians say that they think that he will recover when given the proper care.  (Olympia Daily Recorder  February 20, 1909)


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