Insanity Charge Against Manfredi Dismissed (August 14, 1912)

Insanity Charge Against Manfredi Dismissed

The charge of insanity against one Frank Manfredi, of  Yelm, was dismissed by Judge C. M. Easterday after a hearing of that case. The insanity charge was formally filed against the advice at Prosecuting Attorney Wilson who was of the opinion that the circumstances would not support the charge.  Relatives and the neighbors of the man  however, insisted on the hearing.

While it seems established that the man is unbalanced mentally It is not to, the extent warranting commitment to a state institution.

It is stated that one phase of the  man’s irregular mentality is that he seems to be bent on marriage, which  he proposed as soon as he can earn fifty cents in money. Who the woman of choice shall be appears to be a mere detail.  (Olympia Daily Recorder August 14, 1912)

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