Indians – March 16, 1962

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The Daily Olympia: Marion Brando wanted to attract out attention to the plight of the American Indians and their treaties. It was not for publicity as some thought. He doesn’t need publicity. But he became aware of the sad treatment and the wrongs done through the years to the first and real Americans by some of the big men in power. Our governor might do some reading along those lines, too. I wonder if the governor ever read the history of Washington state and about the treaties that were signed and are still valid even though the Indians were never paid. I also wonder if the Governor ever took a look at the dump they call a reservation where these poor badly treated people are supposed to live. The Governor has gone a long way since he won his first election by having the asylums and prisons investigated. Next he had such a heartache over the plight of the old folks. He carried it out well, because he was elected. He is so comfortable now that he has lost heartache. His interests have turned to higher aims. There are not many of the Indians left and those who are gone died in wars or of neglect and lack of medical care. Their hospital was a big help but that to has been taken.

* * * Who are the commercial fishers? Why shouldn’t the Indians do this? We could open our closed canneries and in that way many of our citizens could earn money for school clothes – necessary dental work for their children and other things the poorer people could get as they used to when these canneries were going strong. How much more do we owe the Japs or the Russians? We have been overly generous to the Russians who have shot down our unarmed planes, killing our pilots while shops loaded with grain for way. And we know the taxpayers will end up paying the bill. What is wrong with the high salaried leaders we keep re-electing? It is time to push the sea raiders out of our three mile zone and push them back to a sixty mile place. Let the Indians do our fishing and we should find out who is responsible for the explosion that took place so close to our shores. Are the Russians really fishing or are they doing other things out there? Indian children play on the river bank all summer and those booze bums who come there to fish leave all their garbage and broken booze bottles. The mothers have had to clean all this from the banks. I hope the Indians will patrol the banks with clubs and make these people load their filth back into their cars. And if the Indians are denied the right to fish, they can get some motor boats and run them on the river with motor wide open. Then no one could fish. These people don’t flop in door ways or demand impossible rights. They only want what is theirs by valid treaties. * * * I would not like to see the Indians vanish. They have beautiful children. They are good mothers. They belong to no front organizations. I hope all white citizens will become interested in the plight of these people. If we can build apartments for the Japs, why not for our own? We are walking on land never paid for and more is taken form them every day.



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