Fish and Deer Tags

The Daily Olympian: Since the white man landed on the Indians’ land he has continued to crowd the Red man back by murdering them by the thousands. Sometimes the Red man fought back and then he became known as a savage. Why? Because he only tried to vain to defend his rights and his loved ones. Today, what rights they do have the white men, with their greedy ways, are trying to capture by force! In fact, take their main diet off their tables, "fish." Yet the white man for a small fee can go out in the bay and seine the fish out by the tons. Our governor spoke the same way about out deer population. Less than eight years ago, we loggers could count 30, 40, or even 50 deer, when going to work. Now, with the doe seasons that we have endured, a deer is an oddity! Of course, the doe permits do sell more deer tags.

* * * I was told by a game protector that the doe permits would make us bigger and better deer. He stated, that the deer inbred too much, thus stunting their growth. Well if this is so we should have deer as large as elephants, because we feel that each one has 10,000 actes to graze on. If we whites can only obtain these last Indian rights, we can continue polluting our streams and destroying wild life. Maybe our fish will get as large as whales. The Indian has been called to our armed forces, to fight our wars and they have responded bravely. Ira Hays, an Indian, helped raise Old Glory on Iwo Jima. Another Indian, Herman Johns Sr., a pararooper was killed in Belgium fighting for our rights. The flag that covered his casket flew on the Nisqually River last week while his son, Herman Johns, Jr., is in jail! Aren’t our treaties, our contracts valid anymore, or can we change them at our own convenience? Yes, we whites, we "superiors" should be proud indeed of our heritage. It wouldn’t hurt any, if we only had a few more Brandos to help these so-called "renegades." Perhaps, our eyes are like the blindman’s, who had his eyes exchanged for cat eyes. They worked perfectly except that they were always looking for mice.

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