Our Indians

Editor, The Daily Olympian: The once noble Redmen are certainly having their prestige destroyed by a hand-full of Western Washington Indians. They are defying superior court rulings. They are resorting to foul epitaphs and bloody clubs, instead of letting the courts of our great land be the arbitrators. My deepest respects go with the men of the Washington State Game and Fisheries Departments who at great personal risks are doing their best to uphold the law of the state and to preserve the great heritage that is ours to enjoy: Our Natural Resources. It would be a sad thing indeed if we let selfish men destroy out fish and game. It is time for all Americans to realize that the fish and wildlife to be found abundantly in our land are in constant danger of being memories, thanks to man’s encroachments. The Indians have the Stevens Treaty that allows them to fish in their usual and accustomed places. I wonder if the makers of that treaty planned on wholesale Fish Packers and gill nets or did they plan on the Indian being able to fish in his usual places so that his family would have fish to eat?

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