1966 – An Indian View of State Fisheries Appointment

The Times: The reported forthcoming appointment of a career politician as director of the State Department of Fisheries is profoundly alarming to the Indian population of this state. The Indian people have sent Governor Rosellini a letter asking for a trained scientific man rather than a politician, as fisheries director – a director who could head an emergency program to save the salmon dissipated by an unstable and unsuccessful conservation program. Since the people of the state seem content to idly shrug their shoulders, we feel we must protect them and ourselves, as we are responsible for 22 rivers host to anadramous fish on the West Coast alone. With such a responsibility, we must ask the Department of the Interior for funds to develop our own conservation program with the help of trained fisheries experts in the College of Fisheries at the University of Washington, and others dedicated to restoring the salmon runs, and rebuild an industry once considered the most important in he state. We, the Indian people, as custodians of a precious natural resource, feel our responsibility morally, ethically and economically to constructively and to establish a sound scientifically based program for our reservations.

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