1964 – Illegal Fishing

To the Editor: I’m writing you in regard to an article in the paper Monday regarding the Indian “Fish-in” on Puyallup River. As a taxpayer of the state of Washington, I am charged a nominal fee each year for the privilege of fishing the lakes and rivers of the state. With this privilege are certain restrictions as to the type of lure which can be used and also the bait. If I am found to be in violation by a game warden then I an subject to a fine or imprisonment or both. Now, my question is this: If Marlon Brando who is not a citizen of this state can net fish on the Puyallup River, then why do we need a license to fish, and why can’t we also use a net? Mr. McCutcheon says and I quote your article; “We don’t plan to file any formal charges against these men,” Canon Yaryan and Brando are not fishermen by trade. Of all the stupid statements I have heard this takes the cake. I say they broke the law on at least three counts.

  1. Fishing without a license.
  2. Illegal taking of fish by net (It’s illegal for me to do so).
  3. Fishing when a restraining order was in effect.

There are probably many other counts by I am no lawyer. This things smell like a case we had here no so long ago when an attorney would have gotten off the hook if public opinion hadn’t gotten aroused. I would like to remind Mr. McCutcheon that as an elected official he can be assured of losing one vote. He is supposed to uphold the law, not make up phony interpretations to suit his own personal ideas.

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