1964 – On “Pretty Thick”…

To the Editor: There are by now a great number of people who have made comments on the Indians’ rights to fish with gillnets in the rivers of our something that was very obvious in the TNT’s excellent coverage. I think that the Indians and Marlon Brando were putting it on pretty think. The first thing was the 20-foot long dugout powered by paddlers. I have driven to work many mornings along the Puyallup River and I have yet to see an Indian fishing from a dugout. But I have seen them fishing from 12-to 14-foot boats, powered by about a 10-horse, out-board engine. The engine alone enable the fisherman to keep his net virtually from one bank to the other. If two men can drift 200 yards in a dugout and catch two fish, what can two men in a 12-foot boat with a powerful outboard do?

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