1964 – Fish Without a License

To the Editor: That seems to be the edict of the Pierce County prosecutor. Does this same amnesty apply to the local citizenry or only to out-of-state celebrities? Mr. Brando openly and brazenly broke the laws of the state by fishing and taking game fish with a net, and probably did not have a valid fishing license or a punch card. The fish and game laws require a card be punched immediately upon landing a catch. Yet, our prosecutor refuses to file charges because Mr. Brando was doing this unlawful act as part of a movement. If, as has been said, Mr. Brando is seeking publicity, let him pay for it. He actually had no part in the demonstration because he is not of Indian blood. Has our county prosecutor fulfilled his sworn duty to uphold the laws of the state? Would he, Mr. McCutcheon, look the other way if one of us local yokels said "I am joining a movement to protect the Indians. I am going to net me some steelhead?"

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