Claims Indians in the Right

More about Indians’ rights and treaties. The Indians say the white man’s word and their treaties are not worth the paper they are written on. All the white man wants to do is to take everything away from the Indians and give them nothing but abuse in return. The white man promised the Indians that they would give them reservations to live on and let them fish and hunt any place they wanted to, and didn’t tell them that they couldn’t sell their game or fish or tell them what they had to do with their game or fish after they caught them. They took almost all of the Indians’ land just to give them the fight to fish and hunt any time of the year or any place that they wanted to. The Indians signed the treaty expecting to be able to fish and hunt, but the white man’s sheriffs came and arrested them and take their boats and nets away from them and throw them in jail. The cops like to arrest Indians because they can’t fight back because the white man took away almost everything that the Indians had. If the cops want to do something why don’t they chase that Russian fleet off our coast? They catch more fish in one day than the Indians catch in a lifetime. But the cops don’t want to do anything to anybody that can fight back. Just Indians, that is the kind of cops we have. The white man came out West and shot the Indians’ buffalo and their cattle just for sport, and now they arrest the poor defenseless Indians for trying to catch a few fish to get a life money to use. All the fish that the little catch don’t amount to nothing. That is how good the white man’s treaty is. No wonder the Indians say that the white man is crooked and two faced. That is who the people in Asia don’t believe the United States because they know how they treated the Indians here at home. They say that they double crossed their own Indians here at home so they think that they will double cross every body else.

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