News From The Front Lines

Milo H. Schneider and family syent (sic) the week end with relatives here. He left this week for the Army Radio Training School in New Jersey, where he will continue work in which he has been interested for years. Mrs. Schneider, Dicky and Donna Rhu will stay with Mr. and Mrs. George Sickes for the duration or until further plans are made.


Vernie Shneider is awaiting induction into the Navy, having enlisted some time ago.


Hal Wilson, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Wilson, has graduated from the Aviation Machinists School and is a Machinists Mate 3c. His new address is V. G. S. Squadron 30, care of Post Master, New York City.


Mrs. Jack Gruber, of Oakland, California, has joined her husband at Montgomery, Alabama, where he is training to be an airclane filot (sic). Jack is now a cadet in the Reserpe (sic) Aviation. Mrs. Gruber will be a month at the camp and then go on to visit her parents in Marion, Ohio.


Leslie Wilson, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Wilson, has joined the Naval Reserve, and left Monday for Chicago for his “boot camp” training.


Mrs. Charles Rice has received a cable from her son Jack in Australia. Jack says he is now well again after a long tussle with Jaundice.


Henry Kristofferson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kristofferson, of Rainier, now has charge of all the Pan American Airway Companc’s (sic) setup in Africa. His brother, Helmer, was recently promoted from having charge of the air fields to the post of assistant superintendent. It looks as if the Kristofferson boys could go but little higher in the franch (sic) of the service which they have chosen.


Word comes from Bob Herness in San Diego that Ralph Weber has been to see him a couple of times.


Raymond Henkle, of Olympia, a nephew of Mrs. W. L. Weisdepp, is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Weisdepp while his boat is in local waters.


Bill Weisdepp retrrning (sic) to his camp in California, reports that he got back alright, but just in time, as he had five flat tires on the way back.


Kenny Murray has passed his flight tests on a bomber and he did not get sick or feed the fishes. He says he feels like a full fledged pilot.


Jack Yenne writes from India that the Americans are sure being kept out of trouble with the natives and he is very glad of that.

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