Binoculars Wanted For Uncle Sam’s Navy

The fighting men in the Navy need binoculars. The speed with which the modern planes and ships move today makes it imperative that our men be equipped (sic) with these instruments. It is impossible for the manufacturer to keep pace with the great need of the Navy for these binoculars; therefore patriotic citizens are being called upon to donate their binoculars for the Navy.


The Yelm Civilian Defense organization has volunteered to collect and mail to the Naval Observatory any binoculars that may be available in this area.


To be acceptable, binoculars must be one of two makes, Zeig or Bausch and Lomb, and one of two sizes, 6×30 or 7×50.


The owner should tag the binoculars and deliver them to E. K. Fristoe or C. E. Williams for mailing.


Because the Navy cannot accept free gifts or loans, $1.00 will be ____ to all donors. All glasses will be returned to the owners after the war, if possible. In the last war every set was returned except one.

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