Teachers’ Convention at Salem – Washington Standard September 7, 1861

Washington Standard September 7, 1861

A convention of teachers of Oregon and Washington Territory was held at Salem, Oregon, commencing July 31st, for the purpose of forming a Teachers’ Institute, and determining on a uniform course of instruction for district schools and academics. The convention was unable to determine upon a series of text-books, and the matter was postponed until its next semi-annual meeting. The following resolutions were adopted:

Resolved, That this Association will meet as Teacher’s Institute, in Salem, on the first Mondays of November, 1861, and March, 1862, at 1 o’ clock, P.M. for the purpose of general and critical courses of instruction to teachers in the est practicable methods of teaching common and higher English branches of education, adopted to District Schools and Academics.

Resolved, That a corps of Professors be chosen at this session, and assigned their respective duties in the above session of the Institute.

Resolved, That the courses of instruction in such institute shall be divided into the following departments: Philology, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Geography and History.

Resolved, That teachers throughout this State and Washington territory shall be entitled to the benefit of these courses of instruction, upon payment to the Professor in charge of the department in which he may desire instruction of the sum of – for each course.

Resolved, That the Professors here be chosen shall be a Board of Managers, who shall have authority to make all needful rules and regulations for the conduct of the Institute.

Resolved, That teachers are especially and earnestly invited to attend these session of the Institute, On motion of Rev. Mr. Lippincott, the resolutions were referred to the Executive Committee with instructions to carry them into effect, so far as practicable.

Mr. Colwell offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That the Corresponding Secretary be requested to prepare and publish an address to the Teachers of the State of Oregon, requesting them, to form County Associations.

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