Education Around the County: 1889

Introduction:  The following are a series of articles related to education which appeared in the Washington Standard, published in Olympia.  During the second week in July, the average school teacher is expected to be abroad in Olympia.

Washington Standard

June 23, 1889


Teacher’s Institute

Mrs. P. C. Hale opened the exercises Wednesday, with an elaborate paper on her method of teaching geography. A general discussion of the subject took place.


Miss Janet Moore followed with an exhibition of the Pollard system of conducting primary reading classes, with blackboard illustrations, participated in by class of children from the Primary Department of the Central school.


Prof. M. G. Royal concluded them programme by a humorous essay on the various ways adopted by teachers in school recitations. As the gentleman sat down, he was greeted by a round of hearty applause. A short discussion followed, when the time for adjournment was announced.


In addition to the teachers already reported the following names were added to the roll: Miss Amy Case, Lou McGuire, Fannie McBride, Linnie Barnes, Flora Parsons, Miss L. E. Twiss, Bessie Isaacs, Miss M. B. Hawkins, Minnie Freeman, Eliza Stamps. Mr. J. M. Abbott, Miss Stella Tyler, Mrs. M. F. Brown, Mrs. J. G. Ward, Allen Weir, S. W. Womack, A. F. Gunn, H. N. Hunt, A. W. Peables, Harvey H. Loveridge and Robert Cruikshank.

Washington Standard

July 12, 1889



Board met in regular session , sitting as a Board of Equalization. Present, George B. Capen, Chairman, Thos. Prather and R. A. Brewer, Commissioners, and John P. Tweed clerk.


Minutes of previous meeting read a approved.


On motion, Board adjourned to 1:30 o’clock P.M.


1:30 O’CLOCK P.M.


Board reassembled, all present.


The report of L. P. Venen, County School Superintendent, upon the petition of R. H. Kandle, S. D. Lawrence, praying for the forming of a new school district, to known as School District 41, was presented and read, and after due consideration by Board, it is ordered that the decision of the Superintendent as reported be approved, and that School District 41 be established in accordance therewith.


On motion, Board adjourned to 9 o’clock tomorrow morning.

Washington Standard

August 9, 1889


Pupils of the various schools will have an opportunity to exchange their old books for new ones, next week, at O’Connor’s.

Washington Standard

August 30, 1889


Miss Amelia Dittmann, of this city, has been engaged to teach the Mud Bay district school, and commenced her labors last Monday.

Washington Standard

August 30, 1889

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