Rules and Regulations Adopted by the State Board of Education for Teachers

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1. The teachers in the public schools of this state shall follow theprescribed course of study and enforce the rules and regulations of the State Board of Education; shall keep records, use blanks and render reports according to instructions.

2. Teachers shall be held responsible for the care of all school property entrusted to them; shall frequently inspect the same and promptly report to the district clerk any damage it may have received.

3. Each teacher shall prepare a program of daily exercises, a copy of which shall be posted in a conspicuous place in the school room.

4. Teachers shall exercise watchful care over the conduct and habits of the pupils while under their jurisdiction.

5. Teachers shall maintain strict order and discipline in their schools at all times. Any neglect of this requirement shall be considered good cause for dismissal. Corporal punishment may be resorted to when it becomes necessary to the preservation of proper discipline. No cruel or unusual punishment shall be inflicted; and no teacher shall administer punishment on or about the head of any pupil.

6. In any case of misconduct or insubordination, when the teacher deems it necessary for the good of the school, he may suspend a pupil, and shall immediately notify the directors of the district thereof for further action, and shall send a copy of said notice to the parents or guardians of the child.

7. Every public school teacher shall give vigilant attention to the temperature and ventilation of the schoolroom and shall see that the atmosphere of the room is frequently changed.

8. Teachers shall have right, and it shall be their duty, to direct and control within reasonable limits the studies of their pupils: Provided, That all pupils shall receive instruction in the branches included in the prescribed course of study.

9. The use of tobacco in any form or place by a teacher is discountenanced, and the use of alcoholic stimulants in any form or place as a beverage is prohibited. The use of tobacco or any other narcotic on the school premises by a teacher shall work a forfeiture of his certificate.

10. The teacher shall make an estimate of the worth of each pupil’s work in the several subjects as often as once every two months. This estimate should be based upon the pupil’s daily work, together with such tests as the teacher may deem it advisable to give during the period. At the close of every term of school the teacher shall thoroughly examine, in all necessary branches, all pupils whose work has not been satisfactory and shall leave in the school register a statement of the work completed by each pupil in each subject. He shall also leave a record of the deportment of each pupil.

11. Teachers shall require excuses from the parents or guardians of pupils, either in person or by written not, in all cases of absence, tardiness or dismissal before the close of school, and no excuse shall be deemed valid except that of sickness. Excuses for absence shall be placed in the hands of the attendance officer, and it shall be the duty of said attendance officer to investigate thoroughly each case and enforce the provisions of the law relating thereto.

12. An attendance of less than one hour at any half-day’s session shall not be counted by the teacher making his or her annual report.

13. Teachers are enjoined to encourage exercises in composition and declamation, including memorization of choice selections and quotations. In the preparation of programs for rhetoricals, teachers a shall use every effort to secure selections of a high literary character.

14. Teachers are required to be at their respective schoolrooms at least thirty minutes before the time of opening school in the morning and fifteen minutes before the opening of school in the afternoon.

15. Teachers are required to make due preparation daily for their duties,such preparation to include attendance upon teachers’ meetings and other professional work contributing to efficient school service, which may be required by the superintendent, principal, or board of directors.

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